Would you like a side of cocaine with those socks?

Not drugs! Yuyos – or medicinal plants (YES, JUST PLANTS!) – are mashed up and added to terere. They have different properties like refreshing, digestive, lower blood pressure… In most plazas in Asuncion you can rent a bombilla, guampa and make your own mix for 2,000 Gs.

I already posted this in brief on Facebook, but my parents said I had to post the story on my blog for the Facebook challenged. Continue reading

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Oh, vacation!

graffiti tour in BA

If I wrote an entire vacation blog with all the details you guys would be bored out of your MINDS! But let me assure you it was a fantastic vacation! I am back in the sauna that is Paraguay with enough oomph and get-up-and-go in my gas tank to get me through the last few months of service (THREE!). 

We were in Buenos Aires Dec 17-19 and then Dec 30-Jan 3. Marisa had to take her GREs one of those days, but it was all play for me. We stayed with my good friend Rowdy from Texas A&M the first part and then with our super chill host, Braian, in a beautiful neighborhood walking distance from the obelisk and Congress. Continue reading

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It’s 107F today (or: it’s time to get out)

That time in Peace Corps where I got scabies.

Now it just seems unfair to get a parasitic-mite-skin-disease that is spread by skin-on-skin contact when there is no skin-on-skin contact to be had. Where is the fun (OR JUSTICE) in that? Continue reading

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introducing: the ameriguayas

My site mates and I are starting  a weekly radio show – TOMORROW.

Among hopefully somewhat-intelligent conversation and interviews, we want to play a variety of music that is not cumbia, cachaca, polka, funky because there is plenty of that on the air already.

My contributions to the playlist for tomorrow:

  1. It’s Bigger than Hip Hop (Dead Prez)
  2. Bring it on Home to Me (Sam Cooke)
  3. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
  4. The World is Going up in Flames (Charles Bradley)
  5. Dirty Bass (Far East Movement)

Continue reading

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Jopara / Guarani expressions

I remember picking up some of the Quechua slang in Quito while I lived there and I loved it. I’m sad that I’ve forgotten most of it…

SO! I’ve started a list of Guarani and jopara (mix of guarani & Spanish) expressions here! I’ll try to update the list as I learn more…

  1. chulina: cute!
  2. E’A: What?!? (as in surprise)
  3. hai(iiii)kue: wo(ooooo)w (in amazement). kids said this in unison once when we were showing them Planet Earth videos and, I swear, it was the cutest thing in the world.
  4. que kilombo!: what a mess (literally: what a whorehouse)! This comes from Argentina, I’ve heard.  (EDIT: thank you Ian!) the Kimbundu language. Thank you slave trade & Brazil.   Continue reading
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Ways that Paraguay has changed me for better or worse.

I made paper mache penguins with 3-4 year olds last week. That was probably one of the worst decisions of my life. They look cute. Here.


  • I’ve learned to put up with a lot less shit and gotten better at removing negative influences in my life.
  • I can uncork wine with a piece of wire, hammer and pliers.
  • I generally put healthier food in my body.
  • I have found my limits in life. On how much nutella from a care package is OK to eat before I feel like dying. On walking the fine line between loneliness/needing alone time. On talking and not talking to family. On exercise. On work and pleasure. Continue reading
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temporary yard-mates

I found these little dudes in a nook of my chirimoya tree while I was putting up my hammock this afternoon.

I noticed the empty nest a few weeks back (also while tying up my hammock) and thought it was an old one from last year, but looks like momma bird wanted to use it again this year.

Don’t you just love the baby feather fuzz?

new friends.

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