It’s 107F today (or: it’s time to get out)

That time in Peace Corps where I got scabies.

Now it just seems unfair to get a parasitic-mite-skin-disease that is spread by skin-on-skin contact when there is no skin-on-skin contact to be had. Where is the fun (OR JUSTICE) in that?

Scabies. Let me just say that it sucks. It itches. It’s contagious. You feel like a leper, not wanting to hug friends or shake hands or drape an arm around anyone. It’s pretty damn ugly. And with the heat we’ve been having here (heat index above 103F not uncommon) it’s been hard to BE. It’s hard to motivate myself to move, to clothe myself or go outside of my house. It’s hard to sleep at night.

I haven’t been sleeping well and things that usually don’t bother me start to bother me. I know the 4-5 hours of sleep I’ve been averaging a night is what is turning me into cranky-pants-Nicole but I can’t help it!

Vacation in 8 days. I am so excited to be cold again.

Torres del Paine – where I will spend 6 days with 4 friends and long lost primo Jeff!


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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