Chirimoyas, condoms, handball

All the old leaves were chopped up by the mower this morning and the new ones have budded, that green color new leaves are when they are brand new. Spring is here (unofficially). It’s not supposed to start until the end of the month, but someone forgot to tell whoever is in charge of the weather here.

It’s hot already (I’m dreading summer already) and I am less prone to cooking things that take more than 30 minutes again, since it gets so dang hot in my kitchen when the stove is on. Good (or bad?) news, however! A new ice cream store opened literally 4 houses down from mine. I can get a waffle cone and homemade ice cream for 3000 Guaranies, or about 70 cents. I know where all my money is going this summer.

Funny story from last week – I went to Asuncion to turn in a request for materials at an HIV/AIDS NGO. We will be using the 800 condoms, 500 packets of lube and brochures I got from them at our presentations in the high schools. The good news is I got all of the things we asked for. The bad news is that I had to walk with all this stuff for 30 minutes back to the Peace Corps office down a street called Venezuela, through several blocks of construction. Meaning: lots and lots of construction worker men all hootin’ and hollerin’ at this lady dressed up and carrying a HUGE bag of safe sex gear in a large CLEAR plastic bag. You can’t make this stuff up!

I started playing handball with some girls from my high school, which would probably be weird in the states (teachers and students playing together?) but here it just works. We had about 14 people show up consistently this past week. Most of the girls are freshmen in high school and some guys play too.

It’s great to see some co-ed sports being played, with everything being so separated by gender in the classrooms. I will have to get a picture of this one day. Literally, all the guys sit on one side of the room and the girls on the other. And, when children line up they line up in gender specific lines.

Handball is no joke here – these gents and ladies are FIERCE. So far, I’ve taken a ball to the face, and my glasses have had a near death experience when they hit concrete. They have been patched up again with superglue and we will see how long that holds for.


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3 Responses to Chirimoyas, condoms, handball

  1. martha says:

    Hi Nicole, wonderful to read the co-ed team of handball! Good for everyone.
    As far as the 30 min. walk with your supplies…wow, this is why your posts will be great in a PC book! Your “real life” stories are better than fiction.
    Talk with you soon———

  2. Connie says:

    bahaha! i’m reading this post in my evidence-based practice class. we’re discussing the strength of evidence of several research articles..serious business. i just giggled inappropriately at “CLEAR plastic bag” and hoping my professor didn’t notice. thank you for the unexpected humor you just brought to my day 🙂

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