laundry day

I will never complain about having to do laundry in the states again.

Here, it is complicated. If it’s raining, no way is your laundry going to dry, you have to wait.

If you are lucky you have access to a machine like the one in my picture. You fill it with water from buckets or a hose and turn it “on.” On means that it will agitate the water, detergent and clothes for you.

When it’s done, you wring out the clothes and transfer them to a sink or buckets filled with fresh non soapy water. Wring them out 3 times in fresh water to get most of the detergent out.

Then, to the laundry line! Wind and direct sunlight help them dry faster. I go over to my old host family’s house every Saturday to wash my clothes – they let me use their machine and have a better drying setup than I do! It also helps to have people to talk to while you are doing it because it’s a pretty long process. I start around 9:30 or so most Saturdays, finish washing/rinsing by 11:00, then I drink tererĂ© and eat lunch with them while I am waiting on the clothes to dry.

The WORST are big blankets and sheets! Wringing those out is definitely an acquired skill and a workout.


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2 Responses to laundry day

  1. martha says:

    enjoyed seeing the photo of the washing machine…what a work out you are getting each week

    I know you will certainly apprecaite uncomplicated laundry when you return to the US


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