A little walk / ride in cachapé

My friend H. and I hiked the 10 km round trip to visit a site neighbor in Osioso today, and were lucky enough to get a lift on a cachapé for part of the way! Cachapés are 4 wheeled carts that are horse or oxen powered. The body is made of wood and almost always painted green around here, and the wheels are old car tires. I hear they originally come from Poland and are also called carro polaco now and then. I just watched WWII movie The Pianist for the first time and saw one in it, so it must be somewhat true at least.

Otherwise, not too much new in life. We are on winter break here in the southern hemisphere, so I have two weeks off from school and have just been socializing and taking more guarani lessons from my neighbor/friend T. It’s been a nice break :).


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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2 Responses to A little walk / ride in cachapé

  1. martha says:

    Hi Nicole, learned you watched the Pianist….wasn’t that a meaningful movie? Very powerful.
    have a safe trip for your break. Loved the large canopy tree with hay bales underneath…beatiful shapped tree.

    • Nicole FR says:

      yes, and the music was beautiful. it made me want to get back to playing Chopin! When I get back.. plenty of time for piano playing then! I am proud you learned to use the comment feature on the blog martha :).

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