Happy father’s day!

I am not a sentimental person. Maybe that comes from the necessity of self-preservation here, but it was definitely true of me before. Sometimes I worry about being borderline psychopathic in situations where I think normal people would feel something but I tend to lean towards reason.

So it was really weird when I just turned into a huge cornball this Father’s day. I’m not usually an affectionate person verbally (I know it’s a shortfall & I’m working on it), but I randomly felt the urge to write my dad a sentimental email on Saturday.

I think I’ve figured out why. Imagine you have just spent all Thursday making father’s day gifts with preschool and kindergarten and show up Friday for the event the kids have planned for father’s day.  I would say that only 30-40% of the dad’s showed up. WAY less than the amount of moms we had show up for the mother day’s celebration. Why? A lot could have to do with the fathers having to traditionally work a more “formal” workday and not being able to make it, and maybe a little has to do with dads’ involvement in the schools (here and in the States). Maybe. The intuitive part of me feels like a lot of these kids do not have their biological fathers in their lives and some have no father figure at all besides their maternal grandpas. One of the bragging rights in pre-K that I’ve overheard the kids talking about is: “I HAVE A DAD!”

R’s dad didn’t make it.

I just wanted to gather up all the kiddos who did not have dads show up and give them a great big hug, they looked so sad.

I’m not trying to be an advocate for the traditional nuclear family, I know we’ve evolved from that these days (I have a great step family). But even in my “nontraditional” family I felt like my dad was always there if I needed him to be. I would see him regularly and could vent, rant, ask for advice (I still do these things). I’m sad kids here may not feel that way. Their dads may be in another city or country working. They may have never met them. They may just not have taken any responsibility.

So, happy father’s day to all those awesome dads out there and to all the great guys and gals that act like awesome dads even when they are technically not. We may act like jerks when we’re teenagers but we appreciate it. Parents can make all the difference.



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2 Responses to Happy father’s day!

  1. Claire says:

    I really enjoyed readind your letter!
    Keep them coming. Bonne semaine, Claire

  2. Nicole FR says:

    Merci Claire 🙂

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