chuchi despensa

This despensa – known as chuchi/fancy despensa by the PCV Itacurubi crew – is run by a retired teacher and is a couple blocks away from my house. He knows a couple sentences in English and also knows that I prefer using my cloth bags or backpack instead of one of their plastic bags. But that took awhile, Paraguay is addicted to plastic bags. When I told him about my despensa photo project and asked him if it was OK to take his picture he said: “Well I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to see the United States, but at least my picture will!”

I buy my “packaged” things here: toilet paper, shampoo, soap, rice, pasta, milk, OATMEAL!, sandwich cheese, baking powder, sardines, tuna (I’ve developed a craving for canned fish here, odd?).

The owners are always very nice to me and if I don’t come for a couple days they ask where I’ve been.

As you can see from the picture this place is PACKED from wall to wall. Only about 5-6 customers can fit in the store comfortably at one time. It has AC and is a great stop during the hot hot summers.


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