give me input, seriously gente.

pure sass.


Writer’s block and I’m running out of ideas of what to write about. What would you like to hear more about?


Reverse seasons?



My house?

Pictures of cute children running around causing havoc?

More dog pictures? That’s what I’m resorting to if no one answers. Seriously, I have a collage ready.


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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2 Responses to give me input, seriously gente.

  1. Claire says:

    Hello Nicole,
    What about insects, flowers, pictures of the day,tissus,bijoux,crafts,bazar en plein air,garden,antique,fishes,art populaire,basilica,beer,carnaval,tradition,cascade/chute,danse,eglise,foire,grotte,jeux,medecine traditionelle,musique,oiseaux,plages,plantes,police,taxis,radio,restaurants,taxes,teatro,instrument de musique typique,vaccination,vin,zoo.
    Maybe certain words are not relevant to where you are but some may help you start a topic.
    Your mom is coming for dinner tomorrow night!
    We will have wonderful chocioate cup cakes. Yum Yum
    Take care,
    Claire x

  2. Nicole FR says:

    Merci Claire! I’ll take my camera out for a spin next time I’m out and about

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