Another blog post brought to you by The Rain in Paraguay.

guilt-free rain louging & puppy time.

The other weekend I got to go to a wedding. A HUGE wedding where my friend from site got married. There were about 350 people, and they roasted an entire cow, goat and sheep for the reception. Heterei (delicious)!

Some differences I noticed here:

  1. Instead of the bride’s father walking her down the aisle, the bride and her godfather and the groom and his godmother meet halfway at a “threshold,” are handed off and then walk together to the altar. Cute, no?
  2. The newlyweds are supposed to eat guinea fowl for dinner. Apparently those birds never walk around alone and if you eat one together on your wedding night, you won’t ever fight (yeah… right…).
  3. The newlyweds sneak off “early” (I left at 1:30 am and they were still there dancing) and all the lights go out. Maybe this happens in the states too? To be honest, I haven’t had many wedding experiences in the states.
  4. There was a bouquet toss but also little ribbons in the cake that all the single ladies pull out. Each one has a token at the end and if you get the ring at the end of the ribbon then you’re next. I’m SAFE for awhile still, thank goodness. My token actually got stuck and fell off in the cake. No one knew what THAT meant. Probably horrible, horrible luck and sterility.
  5. No one saves pieces of cake for anniversaries here. When there is cake, you EAT IT!

One similarity: There is always that uncle/family member that gets pissed drunk & and ends up dancing/stumbling on the dance floor alone. Instant entertainment!


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