I forgot

Things I forgot to add the other day.

New observation: ants sleep at night. Seriously!

They are all over my house during the day (dog food, lack of water and inability to do dishes on a regular basis) but when Jazz wakes me up at 4 AM to let her out, they are gone.


And for the week’s award in weird:

I came back home to Itacurubi to a strange sort of vandalizing. House seemed fine for the most part besides dusty (read: no one broke in while I was on vacation) and then I go out into my corridor. Someone with lipstick on decided to make out with my house’s hallway. That’s right, with my house. A lot. Now the white paint in my hallway is covered in something that looks something like this:


I’m so confused. My coworker/friend Miriam says maybe someone just really missed me while I was gone and made out with my house to make up for it (creeeeeepy?). More likely than that, the next-door girls that are always playing in my yard got a hold of mom’s lipstick.

Still, it’s odd.

Whoever it was, I’m just hoping first base is as far as they got.


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Just an old soul in limbo.
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