Spa day, campo style

this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, just some amazing street art from my trip to BA

Let me just start out by saying I have turned into a disgusting human being here. Not by choice (well, completely) but I am definitely not as well groomed as I was at home. One problem is I don’t own a mirror in my house (I use my webcam to apply mascara when I wear it – it’s a hard skill). The second being that it’s just a hot harsh environment and it’s just HARD on your body.

Let’s list ways Paraguay has ruined my young twenty something body:

weight gain: no gym, pig lard used in food, overdoting host parents,  and therefore weight gain (it’s coming off though).

bites: mosquito bites, ant bites, general bug bite scars on my feet & legs. I know I shouldn’t scratch BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD. What am I, an 8 year old?

my hands: they look more weathered than they did a year ago. calluses and angry cuticles and the sun is hard on them (note to self: apply sun screen on your hands, too).

my feet: When I first got here, people would always tell me: “Wow Nicole, you have such nice feet,” which initially I thought was an odd compliment. Now I get it! After a summer of walking around in sandals on cobblestone/dirt roads they are a permanent color of dirt red, bug bites, and cracked skin.

Which brings me to CAMPO SPA DAY. Yesterday I was at my host family’s house and we decided to give each other pedicures, which in a world of dirty feet is pretty much the purest form of love if you ask me.

They also deep conditioned my hair… in chicken fat. That was a little gross and I walked home smelling vaguely of Kentucky Fried Chicken and with no other results I could tell of on my hair. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again, but my feet do look better today!


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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