starting 2012 with a bang!

Hello world! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the holidays with their friends & families. I spent time with a mix of my Paraguayan host family and some volunteers from my training group.

I’m blogging from the comfort of my new HAMMOCK. When it’s too hot to be inside, I swing around on this and read, enjoy the breeze and shade.


Things have been great. I loved how they spend Christmas here – it’s more about being with family, hardly any presents). People wait up until midnight with their families, setting off an absurd amount of firecrackers. At midnight everyone kisses everyone else and wishes them well. Very sweet.

naitivity scene at host fam’s house

christmas and firecrackers go along here

After the holidays though, life has been crazy! Good thing I have had lots of help. Volunteers came to help me paint a world map mural with kids. Only two showed up even after advertizing on the radio and me bugging kids about it, but I guess geography camp the coolest thing to do when you are a kid on summer break. Lesson learned! The two that did come though were AWESOME participants and had a blast. On the last day to celebrate, I brought my laptop in and we looked up pictures from countries around the world and ate popcorn.

que guapos!

Next on the list is aerobics/self defense/tae kwon do camp starting next week. Four hours of exercise camp a day is a pretty good way to start the year if you ask me.

I helped an up and coming youth group build a house yesterday & saw real poverty for the first time in awhile. I forget because I live in a safer (more middle class) part of town that houses like the one we tore down yesterday exist only a couple miles away. And that kids that I know live in them.  It’s a good reminder. The youth groups seems like a really hardworking, willing group. They want to become a group modeled after Habitat for Humanity. I’m hoping to work with them more next year.

I get to go home (REAL HOME) at the end of January for two weeks! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, catching up, and being cold.


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