It’s 102F (39ish Celcius) today! Holy moly, it’s hot. I walked around a little this afternoon and felt like I was going to die.

Jazz has pinpointed the coolest spots in the house for me. The results are in. Bad news, though. First spot is under the bed, second is under my shelves (even she can barely fit there anymore) and the third is my bathroom floor. None of these spots are really spots I want to lay on or can lay on.

No one does much after siesta and I really don’t blame them. Too hot!

So, I’ve been socializing. Hot mate in the mornings with my neighbor across the street, tereré with various people throughout the day that take pity on me walking by (“hakuheterei! te vas a quemarte! eju eterere.” “it’s really hot! you’re going to burn yourself! come drink some tereré“).

I’ve also been doing a pretty good job of making a fool of myself. The other day I was cutting the grass by the fence area of my front yard with the machete because it’s too rocky for the mower. Was greeted by many “Nde guapa!” (you’re hardworking!) but it soon turned to “A chincharanga(basically: oh, poor you/pobrecita) when I used my newly sharpened machete to slice through the main water pipe. Below the safety valve so I couldn’t even shut it off. I started cursing (in English) and the neighbors all came out to see what the hullabaloo was all about. The water company had to be called to shut off the water & technicians called out. AMAZINGLY they got to my house via moto & fixed it in less than half an hour! Pretty awesome, even by our tough gringo standards. I tried to pay the tech, but he wouldn’t take my money. Either because it’s included in my water bill or they just felt so horrible for that poor norteamericana girl.

I told them: “WOW you guys really fixed that quickly.” They said: “Well, to each their trade.” I said: “Well mine is definitely not yard work.” We all laughed at me and they went on their way.

I’m working on a healthy sense of humor.

I photographed for a cumple hape (birthday party) the other day.


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