aaand we’re back.

Right now my host siblings are yelling at each other at the top of their lungs and it’s kind of cute/funny:

– 2 year old host bro: “NO TE QUIERO MAAAAAAAS” (I don’t love you anymore!)

– 12 year old host sis: “TE QUIERO MUCHOOOOOO” (I love you a lot!)

– 2 year old host bro: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (his favorite word as he is two)

Good things that happened this week:

  1. I walking back home from class yesterday and a lady that owns a “despensa” (small local store where you can buy food) that I always say “adios” (like “howdy” here) to says: “WAIT THERE THREE SECONDS.” So I do, and she runs into her house and comes back out with a HUGE bag of oranges fresh from her tree for me. Have I mentioned Paraguayans are some of the most generous people I’ve met? They want to share EVERYTHING they own. Even those who don’t have much themselves.
  2. My middle schoolers really enjoyed their first English classes. We dragged a blackboard by the bench in the playground and had class outside under some trees since it was a beautiful, sunny, fall day.
  3. My Vice Principal overheard one of my apoyo (tutoring) kids talking to his friends at recess: “If you REALLY want to learn well, go to apoyo with Profe Nicole because she teaches well and is patient and fun and now I understand.” Man, thanks kid. Best thing I’ve heard this week.

I realize that this really happy post right after that downer of a post earlier this week probably makes me sound like a crazy person. Maybe I am. But that’s life in the Peace Corps! Seriously. Highs and lows, highs and lows.  So don’t be alarmed at my “low” posts. That usually means that in a couple hours or at least a couple of days, I’m going to be A-OK.

Tranquilopa, as they say here (it’s all good).


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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2 Responses to aaand we’re back.

  1. John says:

    Are you a PC applicant?

    • Nicole FR says:

      Nope, PCV in Paraguay, but I haven’t moved my blog from the applicant section of PCJ if that is how you found me…

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