Wow… long time no blog.

I’m sorry! Life has been pretty crazy. Here are some highlights of the weeks:

– I visited a current volunteer in Caacupe and it was eye-opening. We got to sleep in and I got to ask her questions about her service. I also got to see the soup kitchen/tutoring NGO that she works at with street kids. Some of the students there do NOT have hosues. They literally live on rented space off other people’s porches with 5 other people to one single bed.  How are kids expected to study or do homework  in conditions like that when they are in school half the day and sometimes expected to work the rest of the day and then come back to that? The NGO works on getting them off the streets and helps them with class work but the amount of work needed was daunting. One girl was 12 years old and still in 1st grade and did not get the concept of lines or pages (not even at the stage to think about forming letters). It’s a challenge!

– our old puppy died but we have a new one and it’s name is Rocky

– I accidentally chased a chicken into an empty pool the other day and then had to chase it around down there and catch it so it could get out. Angry chicken noises are hilarious: POOOOCK!

– Today I had my language proficiency test for Guarani (because we are halfway through with training believe it or not) and I scored Intermediate Low! Sweet! That means I’m at the level I need to “graduate” Peace Corps Training already and plenty of time to improve upon it. Something funny my language tester noticed today is that I am making structural mistakes in Guarani not because of English but because I am thinking about it in SPANISH. That is awesome and scary at the same time. I have a hard time put possessives in the right place. EX:

  1. I am going to Jonathan’s house.
  2. Aha Jonathan rógape.
  3. Voy a la casa de Jonathan.

Guarani actually is the same as in English but I have been thinking in Spanish when I speak Guarani apparently. Weird!

– I rode a horse the other day and I used a huge branch as a whip.

– I started co-teaching at a school in my town and will be headed in for the 3rd day tomorrow doing a model lesson. It’s amazing how different schools are here. I’ve heard that they sent us to a particularly bad school and I’m so glad… Because it’s kind of nuts. I have 47 students in a 4th grade class with one Paraguayan teacher. It’s not culturally looked down upon if a teacher goes out into the hallway to answer a phone call. Kids hit each other in class. Participation is not encouraged (actually, it was used as a threat to get students to calm down). Lots of stuff but it’ll be interesting how kids respond to my model lesson tomorrow. I’m trying to make it fun but we have to keep in mind what resources teachers have here and try to make our lessons lessons that they can actually replicate. I’ll be using a book tomorrow and I’m not even sure if that is “allowed” since there are so few books in school (I have not seen one textbook in my class yet).

– We had an STD and safe sex talk at training today and it brought be back to the days of sex ed in junior high and high school. Gory pictures and all. I saw way too many pictures of diseased genitals today.

I know that the last thing I want to leave you with is usually images of disease genitals… but I’m tired. So long and if you want more details on my life (I didn’t want to bore you here), hit me up on skype!


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