vets, buses and ice cream.

So our puppy is super sick today. Like blood diarrhea and vomiting up parasites and so weak he’s not able to walk. He’s only a month and a half old, so not old enough for vaccinations apparently. So, the neighborhood vet came over and gave him a “vitamin shot” and something else that is suppose to help fight off the parasites. Thing I first noticed about the vet: he re-uses syringes and NEEDLES! My North American brain was kind of like WTF but then I was like chill out Nicole and stop comparing Paraguay to n.a.

Dog still looked pretty horrible after the vet’s visit and my host sister was really upset. So, I made him some oral rehydration liquid ( essentially ingestible IV – 1 liter water, 2 tbsp sugar, ½ tsp salt – thank you peace corps recipe book!) that my host mom and I force fed him. We’ll see if he survives. Also I’m sorry if any of you are faint of heart.

Yesterday we had our first trip into Asuncion. Essentially the Peace Corps let us loose into the city with a general map, our language skills (ha.) and tasks we had to accomplish before getting to the PC office. I made it! My partner M. was great. We pretty much la-dee-dah-ed through Asuncion, found the Ministry of Health and asked their personnel about dental programs in schools, then wandered through the market and bartered for the lowest toothbrush prices. Cheapest we found was 8500 Guaranis for 12 or 1000 Gs. for 1 (1 US$ = approx. 5000 Gs). I then ate ice cream twice and didn’t have time for lunch (my lunch was a coke and ice cream – lunch of champions!). Needless to say, I felt horrible by the time I made it back to my host home.

We visited our first school in Paraguay today. Met the Director, who founded the school and is originally from Spain. I’ll be working with Sonia, a 4th grade teacher, when classes start up again. Sonia coincidentally is my host mom’s cousin! Everyone is related here. She seemed very nice, but I can’t wait to talk with her more. We only got to talk for 5 mins today.

Tomorrow: language lessons.

Monday: I get to go visit and stay with a volunteer in Caacupe! I’ll be there through next Thursday so I’ll have stories to tell by then I’m sure.

PS – I made guacamole for my host fam and they politely ate it but I secretly think they were grossed out by it since they eat their avocados with SUGAR which grosses me out a little.


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