oh hey there, sketchy unprotected wifi!

So I’ve been so busy these past few days that I haven’t had time to journal or anything! We left Miami after a day of staging on a 11 PM flight Tuesday night. I had a couple last tacos and margarita at the airport, took a Tylenol PM and passed out on the plane before I could even finish the drink they gave me. I was out cold until the next morning when I woke up around 7:30 Montevideo time. Just in time for gross airport breakfast and some OJ. When we got off our second flight in Asuncion, I realized that my one bag was left in Montevideo because I, along with the 47 other PC trainees, had brought A LOT of luggage and they didn’t want the plane to crash… fair enough. I was happily reunited with it today.

Today we had a morning full of paperwork, PC Med interviews, language interviews, and host family placement interviews. Phew. By the end of the day, I was just happy to get to my “home” for the next 3 months, which by the way, is GORGEOUS.

My host dad, “I” is a constructor by trade. He literally built this house with some friends. His wife, “Big M”, is a stay at home mom. They have one daughter, “Little M” who is 15 and in school still. They have been great, so open-minded,  and more than I could have asked for so far. I’m their 4th PC Trainee to make it to their house, so they are pros!

We spent the afternoon talking over some ice-cold tereré (mate, served cold), meeting neighbors and other extended family members, and ate some awesome empanadas for dinner.

Ok so let’s talk about the HEAT: it’s hot, but not too bad with a breeze and in the shade. I just need to remember to wear loose clothing, screw that makeup I brought, and drink plenty of water.

On the topic of H2O – Wednesday we heard that Paraguayan water is actually OK to drink – celebration! Then Thursday they were like, well that means 99% of the time it’s ok but sometimes it’s not. I’ve decided I’m going to get sick at some point – may as well while I still have western toilets and easy access to PC medical staff. Bring it on, parasites (and don’t freak out, mom)! Plus, I just feel weird about turning down my host family’s tereré for cultural reasons that they make with tap water.

OH AND I JUST REALIZED I GET INTERNET HERE. Sweet. Oh, oh, oh, and my host family has the cutest 1 month old puppy that has already left me a good luck poop in my room. And the neighbors have a yearling. That’s it for now.


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Just an old soul in limbo.
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2 Responses to oh hey there, sketchy unprotected wifi!

  1. Mrs. E says:

    Once again, I travel vicariously with you! I will be reading as often as you post, sweet Nicole! And I pray you will be safe and sound. Take care of you. Love, Mrs. E

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