Last week at work!

Next week is my last week at my job-job (read: office job) here in Dallas. That means that next week I will be busy packing, running errands, ect, before I leave on the 31st.

My to-do list:

  • taxes
  • get my POA form signed
  • get travel insurance for my camera/laptop
  • fax the rest of my dr. forms to PC
  • print pictures of family/friends/texas
  • renew my driver’s license (it will have expired when I get back in 2013)
  • talk to AT&T about cancelling my plan (and potentially holding my number) for the next few years
  • PACK
  • Check luggage weight/size requirements

That’s it! I think I’m in good shape.

Oh yeah, Christmas! I went to France to visit my dad’s side of the family for Christmas. Reasons the flight there was awesome: we got free drink tickets; the flight was 1/2 empty. I got to see everyone again, snowshoe in the Jura, eat a ton of cheese, drink a ton of wine and practice my rusty French.

Here’s a pic of the holidays:


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