Oh, hello there blue packet (the sequel)

I received my second invitation much sooner than I anticipated. I told my placement officer that I would be ready to leave mid-January, so I didn’t really expect to hear back until November or December. WRONG! I guess since I was already medically cleared, they just had to go over my “please-please-please-take-me-back” statement to make sure I wasn’t a flake. I’ve found that getting those packages in the mail is a little like a blind date/college acceptance or rejection letter, except it’s guaranteed to be an AWESOME outcome.

It was waiting in the mail for me last Thursday and the destination is: PARAGUAY! So happy to be going to one of the “guays” and excited to learn Guarani! I’ll be an early education advisor there. Hoping I have good advice to give though I’m not so sure. If I were a Paraguayan teacher I would probably wonder: who is this punk 22 year-old kid? Anyways, I leave February 2nd, so plenty of time to worry about that.

Also – started volunteering at an ESL/tutoring program in East Dallas this week. I figured it will help me get back into “teach” and “Spanish” mode. These kids are awesome, smart, and adorable. The kids’ program is run in conjunction with an adult ESL program, so the parents don’t have to worry about childcare. So, some of the kids (especially the older ones) have fantastic English. We’ve just been doing tutoring with them but I’m hoping to brainstorm up some good fun stuff for them next week.


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