Just kidding!

It’s been a long time, folks, and where do I even start? Maybe with a: “hey-just-kidding-I’m-actually-not-going-to-Azerbaijan.” I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks now, but haven’t had the time.

In short, one of my best childhood friends had a serious accident and was in a coma for a couple weeks right before my planned departure date. It was a really, really, really hard decision [mainly, because I knew she was going to kill me when she woke up and realized I deferred] but I was personally not in a good spot to leave. My brains and emotions were scrambled and I didn’t want to impose those on the rest of the AZ8 team and the community I would be serving and learning in. I hear that PST is one of the most stressful, challenging parts of service and honestly, I was not sure I could handle it with all the craziness back at home. PC would have probably have sent me home for being depressed and unable to cope. And that was the last thing I wanted.

The good news is that she is up and getting better every day. Looks like she will make a full recovery in the next year and I am so grateful for that. It is so cool to get to see her healing process. She is a tough, wonderful girl.

So, I’ve deferred my departure. Meaning, the good folks at PC were nice enough to freeze my application and put it on “hold.” I have a year from the date I turned in my application to unfreeze it (so, March) and am in that process right now. Reactivation isn’t guaranteed, but I’m wishing for the best. I told them that I will be ready to leave at the beginning of January 2011 (when she should be done with rehabilitation). Hopefully they can find a spot for me! Absolutely no geographical preference, I just want to go! If they decide to let me give it a go again, it’ll be time to spin the nomination wheel. Cross your fingers [and toes] for me?


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Just an old soul in limbo.
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