getting ready (sort of)

Hey friends! It been awhile since I got my assignment so I’ve spent less time obsessing and therefore less time blogging. Good news for all of us, really, since now I don’t sound like a crazy person writing about uninteresting things (now, just a somewhat-normal person writing about uninteresting things).

I have 41 days until I go to staging in Philidelphia. It’s been pretty surreal. It seems like so much time and so little time all at once. So, I’m trying to tie up loose ends here in Dallas before I go (ie what to do with my car, calling the bank, cancelling my cell phone number). And I’m working really, really hard to learn some Azerbaijani before I go.  It’s been awhile since I took on a new language (I started learning Spanish in 6th grade, and pretty much failed at learning anything in German in 8th and 9th), so my language learning neurons are a little groggy. A little slow. Also, besides German (see note about FAIL), Azerbaijani will be one of the first non-Latin based languages I’ve learned. Eek.

I’ve been so lucky though. I work in an office with two guys who are from Iran and Turkey. They are pretty excited I’m going to learn Azerbaijani and have been helping me since  they tell me, it’s pretty close to Turkish and Farsi. So, they have me say things, I butcher it, and we all have a good laugh. Pretty typical day at the office. Besides that I’ve been listening to the language materials PC sent me. I have a horrible feeling that I’ll get there, meet my host family and not be able to say anything. My roommate from DC (KKC) suggested that I tape up index cards with vocab words around the house. Fabulous idea & I invested in index cards yesterday.

In other news:

  • I googled “female” “how to use a squat toilet” the other day. The general consensus is sit low; it’s going to take awhile to get used to, balance-wise; wear skirts. I feel like a toddler getting potty trained again. And I wish I were a guy. A lot.
  • I just invested in a luggage (hopefully, it won’t be out of stock this time). I really should start at least THINKING about packing.
  • Really interesting, inspiring article I read online about “stuff”:

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