Good news!

Hey interwebs! I got some pretty fantastic news this morning: Peace Corps updated my status on their application portal/toolkit, and I am now, officially an INVITEEEEE!!!

Only bad news: no idea where this will be. I had emailed the placement office yesterday to make sure I didn’t need to do anything else and they told me to expect an envelope in the next 10 business days. lkajsdlkfjskdfjskj!!!

Anyways, I am so glad the application process is over. So excited to find out where I’ll be headed. I was creepin’ around on Peace Corps Wiki, and it looks like the two countries that fit the departure date of “mid september” and area that my recruiter had nominated me for are Azerbaijan (sept. 23) and Turkmenistan (sept. 30). Not quite sure if Sept. 30 counts as “mid sept,” so I my hunch is Azerbaijan.

Either way, SUPER EXCITED. I will be bouncing off the walls all day (and potentially for the next two weeks) here at work.


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