On skills learned at internships

If there is one thing I can honestly say I have learned this semester, it is probably been deciphering my eighty-one year-old bosses’ vocabulary. During meetings it was very common to hear our boss tell us: “Send an internet to [name].” My first day my thoughts were probably: Oh. My. God.

Send an internet, I learned means to send an email. The person he named, I also learned, may or may not be in our address book. Their name, also, after more experience here, I found may not be spelled correctly, or anything close to what the name may have been. This proved challenging. My google searching skills improved.

Another request was: “Download that thing that came in the other day about that guy for me.” First thing to know here is that to “download something” actually, in real life, means to print something. As to which file you needed to print out, well, that was up to you to poke and prod until enough vague information was revealed.

With those in mind, I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes of the semester:

“Even worse than the word “Pinochet” is the word “retail.” – on buying office supplies
“I look at that thing, and it’s like my Aunt Sarah. It’s so… dead. – on redesigning our website


About Nicole FR

Just an old soul in limbo.
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